The 2002 European School of High-Energy Physics

Pylos, Greece
25 August - 7 September 2002


B U L L E T I N    N o   2

1.  Programme

The  updated programme of the School is annexed to this Bulletin.

Outlines of the lecture courses, together with suggested reading lists, brief details of the current work of lecturers, discussion leaders, will be available on the Web in the near future.  It is also planned that summary lecture notes will be made available at the School.

The  READING LIST for the lectures is annexed to this Bulletin.


Discussion Leaders

Student info and photos

2.  Poster Session

Students are invited to display, as A0 or A1 size posters, a short description of the experiment on which they are working and some recent results.  They should bring with them graphs, pictures and other suitable material for display on pin boards.  The evening of Thursday 29th August will be devoted to their presentation during an informal session when refreshments will be provided.

3. Registration

       Registration for the School will take place on Sunday 25th in the School Secretariat at the Nestor Institute, from 16.00 until 22.00 hours.  Directions to the Nestor Institute and information concerning the arrangements for dinner on Sunday evening will be sent to you closer to the time of the School.  Please note that the School Fee does not include lunch on either Sunday 25th August or Saturday 7th September.

4. Location of the School

(a) The place and the climate

The picturesque and historic town of Pylos lies on the beautiful bay of Navarino, in the south-west Peloponnese. The popularity of Pylos comes not only from the many attractions of the present-day town and its port, but also from its important role in Greek history over the last four millennia. The ruins of the palace of King Nestor, the wise sage of the Greeks in Troy, look down on the town of Pylos where the tablets of the linear-b, the oldest Greek alphabet, were deciphered. Pylos and the island of Sphacteria were also the scene of one of the most important battles of the Peloponnesian war: it was at the naval battle in the bay of Navarino, in 1827 that the independence of the modern Greek state was sealed.

The town is located 280km SW of Athens (@4.5 hours drive), and 41 km from Kalamata International Airport.

General information and a map can be found at: (map)


Pylos is located at SW Greece.  The weather may be hot during the day.

Average daily temperature
Average daily temperature
  End of August
First week of September


(b) Accommodation

Students participating in the School will be allocated shared twin rooms with en suite bathrooms, in the hotels in Pylos.  Directions and details will be provided on registration at the Nestor Institute.

Participants are asked to note that family members or friends must not accompany them.

From dinner on Sunday 25th August to breakfast on Saturday 7th September (inclusive) meals will be provided either in Pylos or elsewhere during the School excursions.  On Friday 6th September there will be a farewell Banquet in place of the usual dinner.

5.  Travel

Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from Athens.  Do not forget that this is "high season" in Greece, and you are strongly advised to make your travel arrangements as early as possible.

JINR group air travel between Moscow and Greece is being organized by the JINR Organizing Secretary, Mrs. Tatyana Donskova, and those people interested should contact her direct.  Please note that those students from the JINR Member States whose travel is being sponsored should first check their proposed travel arrangements with the JINR Organizing Secretary before making a firm booking for their tickets.

Pylos can be reached:

    By car:  from Athens through Korinthos - Tripolis - Kalamata (about four-and-a-half hours drive mostly on motorway)

    By bus to Pylos

    By car ferry:  from Italy to Patras and then by car through Patras - Pyrgos - Kyparissia - Filiatra (about 220 km, 3 hours drive ).

    By air:

    i) The nearest airport to Pylos is Kalamata (about 40 kilometres - 45 minutes drive) and it is planned that transport will be available for those travelling direct
        to/from Kalamata.  There is a limited plane service from Athens airport to Kalamata airport (about a 30 minutes flight).

    ii) The main international airport serving the Pelopenese is "Elefthérios Vénizelos" Airport  at Athens.
            Two coaches will be arranged to take participants from Athens airport to Pylos (around four-and a-half hour ride) on Sunday 25th August, and for the return
            from Pylos to Athens on Saturday 7th September.

Please note that :

-  in order to optimise the coach schedule to accommodate as many participants as possible, you should arrange for your travel to arrive as early as possible in the afternoon on Sunday 25th August.  Also please try to schedule your departure on afternoon flights on Saturday 7th September.

-  we need to know your expected arrival and departure times at the earliest possible opportunity.   Please complete and return the Travel and Food Questionnaire as soon as you receive it.

Participants needing any help in Pylos should inform the Local Organizing Committee as early as possible. (See para. 7).

6. Visa

Each participant needing a Greek visa should contact the Local Organizing Committee at the NESTOR Institute (address and email below) to request a special letter of invitation (Greece is an E.U./Shengen country and valid Shengen visas are required). This letter should be presented when applying for a visa at the appropriate Greek Embassy or Consulate.

7. Organization of the School

Professor Leonidas K. Resvanis will be the Director of the School assisted by the other members of the Local Organizing Committee.

Local information is available at the following address:

 Prof. Leonidas K. Resvanis
 NESTOR Institute
 Anagnostara 111
 PYLOS 240 01
 Tel. Exch. : + 30 723 023300
 Fax : + 30 723 023300

Please note that Danielle Métral, the CERN Organizing Secretary, can be contacted at CERN until the evening of Thursday 22nd August ( and thereafter via the NESTOR Institute.

A small library will be available, containing relevant textbooks, conference proceedings, proceedings of earlier Schools and of other schools of physics.

8. Payment of School Fee

The School Fee covers the following: transfer between Athens/Kalamata and Pylos, tuition, and full board and lodging at Pylos from dinner on Sunday 25th August to breakfast on Saturday 7th September (both meals inclusive), beverages at lunch/dinner/morning/afternoon breaks, and social activities and excursions as detailed below (see paragraph 11).

It should be noted that the Fee does not cover other drinks, telephone calls and personal services.  Drinks bought in the hotels - and elsewhere - must be paid for at the time.

Health and accident insurance are NOT included in the Fee.  All participants must make enquiries concerning reciprocal arrangements between their own country and Greece and, where necessary, take out appropriate cover (including any special sporting activities, see paragraph 11).

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse reimbursement of all or part of the Fee in the case of late cancellation.  However, each case would be considered individually.

Students are accepted on the assumption that they will stay for the duration of the School and no reduction will be made for those who are present for less than the full period.

The School Fee of 1700 Swiss francs should have been paid no later than 15th July 2002 into the following account:

Account Name:  CERN School of Physics
Account Number:  279-C7758093.0
Bank Name/Address:  UBS SA
CH-1211 Geneva 23

If this has not already been done, it is essential to ensure that it is CLEARLY STATED on whose behalf the payment is being made. Failure to do so leads to a great deal of difficulty in identifying the originators of payments. If paying by cheque, please ensure that the full sum is paid into the CERN account as in some cases there is a bank charge of 8 Swiss Francs or more.

9.  Banking facilities, credit cards

Participants are advised to buy Euros before arriving on Sunday 25th August.   However, it will be possible to exchange small amounts of the principle currencies in Pylos.  There are three banks in the area . Most well known credit cards are accepted in  Greece.

Participants are reminded to be careful about leaving money and valuable possessions unattended.  The Organizing Committee cannot accept any responsibility for property lost or stolen.

10.   Internet and Email

During the School there will be a limited internet access outside lecture hours.  It will not be possible to have individual email accounts.  If you expect problems connecting to your institute via telnet, a possible solution would be for you to arrange, prior to the School, a private email address at, for example, ''.

11.  Social programme and leisure facilities

During the School several events will be organized, including:

        Sunday 1st September -         Excusion :      Olympia

        Wednesday 4th September   Excursion :      Ancient Messina or Mystra

        Friday 6th September        -   Farewell Banquet.

Participants are recommended to bring appropriate protection from the sun which can be very strong at this time of year, e.g.  sunglasses, sun cream, sunhat.

Other leisure activities available will include:
swimming and snorkelling daily in Pylos.  Hiking excursions can be organized.  Scuba diving, wind surfing, sailing with dinghies will be arranged (at cost) for those interested.  Further information and prices will be supplied closer to the time.

12.  Questionnaire

At the end of the School, students will be asked to complete a questionnaire covering various aspects of its organization and it is hoped that this will give a picture of the level of success of the scientific programme, the suitability of the location and reaction to the related social programme, which will be of value in the planning of future Schools.

13.  Replacements

In all cases of withdrawal or cancellation, whether last minute or otherwise, the choice of a replacement, if any, will lie entirely with the Organizing Committee and not with the institute or laboratory concerned.  In no case will a candidate be accepted as a replacement unless he or she has already applied to attend the School and the Organizing Committee has had the opportunity to examine his or her application.

14.  Address of the School

The address of the School is:

 NESTOR Institute
 Anagnostara 111
 PYLOS 240 01
 Tel. Exch. : + 30 723 023300
 Fax : + 30 723 023300

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