The 2002 European School of High-Energy Physics

Pylos, Greece

25 August - 7 September 2001

The ninth European School of High-Energy Physics took place in Pylos, Greece, from 25 August-7 September. Ninety-six students from thirty different countries took part together with one Greek "listener".


It would be extremely helpful if the students who participated in the School, would complete and submit the Questionnaire (username/password required) by Saturday 13 October if at all possible .


The Proceedings for this School will be published in the spring of next year. Those for the 2001 European School of High-Energy Physics, which took place in Switzerland, are currently being published as a CERN Yellow Report and are available on the CERN Preprint Server under CERN "Yellow" Reports together with the Proceedings of previous Schools.

2003 School

The 2003 European School of High-Energy Physics will take place from 24th August to 6th September in Yerevan, Armenia. Information on this School is being published.

Information about other CERN schools and conferences can be found under CERN Events.

Patricia Ilie 09/2002