The 2003 European School of High-Energy Physics

Tsakhkadzor, Armenia
24 August - 6 September 2003

Second Bulletin

1. The situation of the School
2. Scientific Programme
3. Poster Session
4. Registration
5. Accomodation
6. Short History
7. Travel and Visa
8. Organization of the School
9. Payment of the school fee
10. Banking facilities, credit cards
11. Social programme
12. Questionnaire
13. Replacements
14. Address of the School

1. The situation of the School

The XI-th European School of High-Energy Physics will be hosted in the House of Creativity of
Writers in Tsakhkadzor, (further referred to as the "Hotel")

The place Tsakhkadzor is situated only 40 km from Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, at an altitude of about 2000 meters and surrounded by picturesque mountains. 15 years ago there was an Olympic Village in Tsakhkadzor where many sportsmen trained themselves in winter sports. This ski resort is only 15 minutes walk from the "Hotel" and it is an excellent starting point for mountain walking. In 10 minutes distance from the hotel there is a cable-way which leads far into the mountains.
30 km from Tsakhkadzor at an altitude of 1900 meters there is the Lake Sevan, the "Pearl of Armenia".
On Saturday, 30 August we will visit the lake, and we will go to the Peninsula ( which was an island 40 year ago) where the Armenian tzar Achor Erkat (his nickname was "iron") defended himself from an Arab invasion.

The climate
The climate in Armenia in August-September is warm (28-33 degree C), sunny and dry. In
Tsakhkadzor the usual temperature is around 30
o C during the day and 20o C at night.

Nevertheless, as Tsakhkadzor is situated in the mountains, participants are recommended to bring also warm clothes, good walking shoes and waterproof clothing.

2. Scientific Programme
For the draft programme of the School click here

Outlines of of the lecture courses, together with suggested reading lists, information on the lecturers, discussion leaders and students are given in the "Last Minute Information" pages. These pages will be continuously updated till the start of the School.

3. Poster Session
Students are invited to display, as posters, a short description of the experiment on which they are working and some recent results. They should bring with them pictures and other suitable material for display on pinboards. The evening of Thursday 28 August will be devoted to their presentation during an informal session when refreshments will be provided.

4. Registration
Registration for the School will take place at the School Secretariat at the "Hotel", from 14.00 until 22.00 hours on Sunday 24 August 2003. Students are asked to note that the School fee does not include lunch in the Hotel on either Sunday 24 August or Saturday 6 September.

5. Accommodation

All participants will be sharing apartment-rooms in the Hotel. A double room has a bathroom, WC and a telephone, which can also be used by participants for outgoing calls managed through the telephone exchange of the Hotel.
Sporting-relaxation facilities available in Tsakhkadzor include: covered swimming-pool, billiards, fitness center, table tennis, volleyball and basketball play grounds.
Meals will be taken in the Hotel restaurant except on Saturday 30 August when an all-day excursion is foreseen. All meals will be served as a buffet
On Friday 5 September there will be a farewell banquet instead of the usual dinner.

Participants are asked to note that they should not be accompanied by family members or friends.

6. Short History
Armenia is an ancient country which was mentioned already by the ancients Greeks. (Armenian people name their country - Hayastan)
The biblical legend say that Noah with his sons took refuge on the Ararat Mountain, not far from Yerevan.
On the territory of Armenia there are numerous monuments of culture, ancient castles, churches and temples of the 5-6 century. About one hours' drive from Tsakhkadzor one can find a pagan Temple, Garni (first age B.C.), and only 4 km from this Temple there is an ancient monastery, Gerard from the 14th century. On the territory of Yerevan City archaeologists found ancient ruins of a fortress which was built by tzar Urartu 2800 years ago.
We will try to do our best to acquaint you with the sights of Armenia during free time.

7. Travel and Visa

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not need to obtain an Armenian visa before your travel. This visa is easily obtained in Yerevan Airport upon your arrival. The cost of an Armenian visa for 21 days is 30 US$.

Please note that the participants from the JINR Member States whose travel is being sponsored by JINR should first check their proposed travel arrangements with the JINR Organizing Secretary, Mrs.Tatyana Donskova before making a firm booking of their tickets.

It is strongly recommended that whenever possible the participants should use the "direct" flights to Yerevan and back. For flights via Moscow a transit visa is required.

Participants who can not use a direct flight from Europe and who need to go via Moscow, should inform Tatyana Donskova and ask for a transit visa via Moscow. To arrange a double transit visa via Moscow it is necessary to send the following information :

Full name, date of birth, passport number, passport validity, citizenship, copy of passport , exact city of the Russian Consulate or Embassy where the participant will apply for a Russian visa in their country.
A copy of passport should be sent as an attachment to a message as a JPG file or by fax to one of the numbers:
+7 09621 65891 or +7 09621 6 5599

This information goes to the Department of Consular Service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow and a month before the School each participant will be informed by Tatyana Donskova of the PERMISSION NUMBER with which he/she should apply to the Russian Consulate or Embassy for his/her entry visa for Russia.

Note that participants living and working outside their home country and coming to Russia from their resident country, should fax their RESIDENCE PERMIT, otherwise their documents on visas will not be accepted by the Department of Consular Service.

Participants who wish to come to Yerevan before the School (24 August) and/or stay for extra nights after the School (6 September) should inform the secretaries not later than 3 weeks before the School about their intention. The Organizing Committee will reserve hotel rooms with a cost of approximately 20 to 30 US dollars per night. The School fee does not include the cost of the hotel in Yerevan.

In Yerevan airport "Zvartnoz" participants will be met by the representatives of the Organizing Committee carrying the label" CERN-JINR School" even if they arrive before 24 August.

On Sunday 24 August, special buses will collect participants from Yerevan Airport and the hotel to Tsakhkadzor.

Similarly on Saturday 6 September the participants will be transported to Yerevan Airport and the center of town after breakfast.

A travel/food Questionnaire will be sent via email to all the students. Participants needing any help in Tsakhkadzor should inform the Local Organizing Committee as early as possible.

8. Organization of the School

Sponsors for the School include CERN, JINR and Yerevan State University.
Dr. George Pogosyan (JINR/ICAS, Yerevan State University, Armenia) will act as Director of the School, assisted by the other members of the Organizing Committee.

Local information is available from Prof. G.Pogosyan at the following address:

Dr. G.Pogosyan
ICAS, Yerevan State University
Alex Manougian Street 1,
375025, Yerevan, Armenia
Telephone: (+374-1) 57-88-41
E-mail: (with copy to

Please note that the JINR Organizing Secretary for the School, Mrs.T.Donskova, can be contacted in JINR until the evening of Wednesday 21 August and thereafter at Tsakhkadzor (see paragraph 12).
A small library will be available, containing relevant textbooks, conference proceedings, proceedings of earlier Schools and of other schools of physics.

9. Payment of the school fee

Students are informed that the fee of 1600 Swiss francs should be paid as soon as possible, but in any case no later than 25 July 2003, into the following account :

Account Name : CERN School of Physics
Account Number : 279-C7758093.0
Bank Name/Address : UBS SA
IBAN : CH71 0027 9279 C775 8093 0
CH – 1211 Geneva 23

Please ensure that it is CLEARLY STATED on whose behalf the payment is being made. Failure to do so leads to a great deal of difficulty in identifying the originators of payments. If paying by cheque, please ensure that the full sum is paid into the CERN account as in some cases there is a bank charge of 8 Swiss francs or more.

The fee covers tuition and full board and lodging in Tsakhkadzor from dinner on Sunday 24 August to breakfast on Saturday 6 September (both meals inclusive), a drink at lunch and at dinner, coffee or tea during the morning and afternoon breaks, in addition to social activities and excursions as detailed below.

It should be noted that other drinks, telephone calls and personal services are not covered by the fee.
Health and accident insurance are NOT included in the fee. All participants should make enquiries concerning reciprocal arrangements between their own country and the Republic of Armenia and, where necessary, take out appropriate cover.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse reimbursement of all or part of the fee in the case of late cancellation. However, each case will be considered individually.

Students are accepted on the assumption that they will stay for the duration of the School and no reduction will be made for those who are present for less than the full period.

10. Banking facilities, credit cards

Major credit cards and travelers' cheques are accepted at the banks and bankomats in Yerevan, where it is also possible to change the principle European currencies, Euro and US dollar.
The Organizing Committee will arrange the currency exchange during the registration in the Hotel in Tsakhkadzor. Later it will be possible to change currency during excursions to Yerevan.

Participants are reminded to be careful about leaving money and valuable possessions unattended. The Organizing Committee cannot accept any responsibility for property lost or stolen.

11. Social programme

During the School several events will be organized, as follows:

Monday, 25 August: Welcome drink (at 19.45 hours).
Wednesday, 27 August: Excursion to Yerevan (acquaintance with Yerevan, its museums
and monuments)

Thursday, 28 August: Poster session, with refreshments

Saturday, 30 August: Full day excursion to Sevan Lake with barbecue

Wednesday, 3 September: Excursion to the Cosmic Ray Station at Mount Aragatz.

Friday, 5 September: Farewell Banquet
Other leisure activities will also be organized as appropriate. The Organizing Committee will arrange for beer and soft drinks to be on sale after dinner in the hall of the Hotel.

12. Questionnaire

At the end of the School, students will be asked to complete a questionnaire covering various aspects of its organization and it is hoped that this will give a picture of the level of success of the scientific programme, the suitability of the location and reaction to the related social programme, which will be of value in the planning of future Schools.

13. Replacements

In cases of withdrawal or cancellation, whether last-minute or otherwise, the choice of a replacement, if any, will lie entirely with the Organizing Committee and not with the Institute or laboratory concerned. In no case will a candidate be accepted as a replacement unless he or she has already applied to attend the School and the Organizing Committee has had the opportunity to examine his or her application.

14. Address of the School

2003 European School of High-Energy Physics
House of Creativity of Writers
Tsakhkadzor, Armenia
Telephone: (+374-1) 413 444
Telefax: (+374-023) 52539

Tatyana Donskova
International Department
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
RU-141980 Dubna, Moscow Region
Danielle Métral
School of Physics
CH-1211 GENEVA 23
Tel:   +7 09621 63448  /  7 095 926 2252 Tel:   +41 22 767 9141
Fax:   +7 09621 65599  /  7 096 216 5891 Fax:   +41 22 767 9545
E-mail: E-mail:
Telex:  911621 dubna su

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