JINR, Dubna


My general scientific interest covers phenomenological aspects of Physics beyond the Standard Model with the emphasis on the interplay between the modern theory and the extremely high-accuracy non-accelerator experiments.

My current research have centered around the investigations of discovery prospects of supersymmetry in the low-energy rare processes with elementary particles and nuclei as well as investigations of the neutrino properties.

During a decade I have been involved in the theoretical support of the experimental SUSY dark matter search with high-purity Germanium detectors (HDMS and GENIUS-TF) located deep underground in the Gran Sasso Laboratory.

To prove the discovery of the SUSY dark matter one needs an excellent detector with extremely low background, as well as a comprehensive theoretical view which incorporates coherently all experimental and astrophysical data.



Universidad Autonoma, Madrid


My recent activity covers different phenomenological aspects of particle physics. First, I have been deeply involved in the process of the planification of new experiments to study the leptonic mixing matrix, with particular interest in such experiments able to measure the leptonic CP violating phase. This research implied a clear identification of the physics goals and a significant collaboration with experimentalists to design dedicated projects to attain those goals.

Secondly, I have been interested in the recent developments in the framework of multi-dimensional extensions of the Standard Model, trying to understand their field theoretical aspects: e.g., the meaning of a string-derived concept such as that of "brane" in a field theory context, or of the orbifolc compactifications.

Rinally, I have been carrying on researches in the framework of lattice field theory: in particular, I have been studying the non-perturbative aspects of the lattice QCD vacuum and the low-energy spectrum of the supersymmetric extension of non-abelian gauge theories.



CERN, Geneva


My main research activities are related to conceptual and phenomenological aspects of strong interactions in QCD. I am particularly interested in effective field theory methods as a tool to factorize short- and long-distance dynamics of quarks and gluons. My favourite phenomenological applications are rare B-meson decays, which can be used to indirectly constrain effects from physics beyond the standard model, as well as so-called generalized parton distributions from which one obtains an extended view on the partonic structure of hadrons.



CERN, Geneva


My main research interest is the exploration of CP violation, with a focus on decays of B mesons. After the observation of this phenomenon in the B system through the "B factories" at SLAC and KEK in 2001, the goal is now to perform as many consistency checks of the Standard-Model description of CP violation as possible, with the hope to encounter discrepancies, which could shed light on the physics lying beyond the Standard Model. Besides the theoretical interpretation of the current B-factory data, I am especially interested in B-decay studies at the LHC at CERN, where the physics potential of Bs mesons, which are not accessible at the B factories, can be fully exploited.



IFIC, Valencia


Work : Phenomenology of Particle Physics

*Phenomenology of models with extra dimensions: loop effects in b-quark physics of extra dimensions. Power corrections in models with extra dimensions.
*Neutrino masses: Models of neutrino masses and their phenomenology. Processes with lepton flavour violation. Consequences of neutrino physics in astrophysics and cosmology.
*Grand Unification: Models with unification of couplings and masses.
*Tau-lepton physics: Tau decays to pions. Lepton flavour violation in tau decays. Tau magnetic moments.
*Electroweak radiative corrections: large loop effects of the top-quark.
*QCD radiative corrections: quark-mass effects in heavy quark production. Matching conditions at thresholds.
*Effective field theories: Effective field theories at the loop level. Effective Lagrangian description of new physics. Electroweak radiative corrections using effective field theory.



CERN, Geneva


My work is concentrated on the physics of flavour and CP violation in different extensions of the Standard Model. Recentely, I have studied the phenomenological effects of new flavour structures in the MSSM both in the quark and in the lepton sectors. In one of my last works, we built a complete Supersymmetric SU(3) gauge model of flavour with spontaneous CP violation and analysed all its phenomenological implications.


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