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Information Bulletin 30 May

This bulletin may be updated until the start of the School.

> Date and Place of the School ^

The 14-th European School of High-Energy Physics will be held from June 18 to July 1, 2006 in Aronsborg, Sweden. The lectures will be given in Aronsborg Hotel, which is a hotel that also provides conference facilities.
Aronsborg Hotel is located on the shores of Lake Mälaren, only 35 km from Arlanda Airport, 45 km from Stockholm and 40 km from Uppsala. The closest town, Bålsta, is about 2 km away from Aronsborg. A more detailed map of the area can be seen here.

Aronsborg links:

> Registration ^

The registration will take place from 5.00 p.m. on Sunday 18 June in the hotel lobby. The first meal will be dinner on Sunday evening. Departure will be after breakfast on Saturday 1 July.

> Scientific Programme ^

The School has the following courses:
Field Theory and Standard Model A. Pich - Univ. Valencia
QCD G. Ingelman - Uppsala Univ.
Flavour Physics and CP Violation I. Bigi - Univ. Notre Dame, US
Beyond the Standard Model R. Rattazzi - CERN
Neutrino Physics B. Kayser - Fermilab
Astrophysics and Cosmology V. Rubakov - INR Moscow
Heavy-Ion Physics L. McLerran - BNL
Monte Carlo Generators T. Sjöstrand - Lund Univ.
ICE CUBE/Amanda O. Botner - Uppsala Univ.
Linnaeus’ Search for Order M. Manktelov - Uppsala Univ.
Detectors for the Future T. Ekelöf - Uppsala Univ.

Detailed Programme

Poster Session
Students are encouraged to present their current research work in the form of a special poster session which is planned for Thursday, June 22.

Please note that for the School we will ONLY have a slow InkJet A4 printer for the daily office work, no other printer is available.

Computer Connections
The hotel has free wireless access, so don't hesitate to bring your laptop. There will also be a computer room with a limited number of PCs which can be used during the free time.

> Lecturers, Reading Lists and Information on Participants ^

The Lectures and Reading Lists are given in the document Lectures

Information on the participants including photos and email addresses is given in the PASSWORD PROTECTED document Participants

>Social Programme ^

On Monday 19 June there will be a welcome drink.
For the mid-summer night on 23 June, an extremely popular event in Sweden, we will organize a School version of the celebration in the hotel disco. We would expect the students to take an active part, and we would therefore ask you to bring CDs with folk music from your country and if possible a musical instrument.

A full day excursion to Stockholm is planned for Saturday 24 June, and a guided tour of the Linnaeus' Garden in Uppsala will also be organized

> Travel ^

Students should normally arrange themselves to arrive at the Hotel for registration during the afternoon or evening of Sunday, June 18. (See below)
Arlanda (Stockholm Airport) is 35 km away from Aronsborg.
There is a regular bus from the Airport to Bålsta railway/bus station (marked with a J on the linked MAP). (Price 60 SEK). The station is only three km away from Aronsborg hotel.
On Sunday 18 June the bus leaves Arlanda every two hours from
7.30 a.m. to 21.30, and then at 22.30 and 23.30.
The bus stop at Arlanda Airport is at Terminal 5 – Bus Stop 15. The bus (most probably number 803) indicates "Enköping via Sigtuna & Bålsta”.
From Bålsta station to Aronsborg hotel there is a bus every hour (
on Sundays at 12.30, 13.30,.......until 20.30).
There will also be shuttle service from Bålsta for those who do not want to walk.

On Sunday 18 June, one bus has been set up for the transport of the participants coming from Moscow. This bus will leave Arlanda around 16.00. There will be 30 seats available on this bus for students landing well ahead of 16.00 and for a price of 60 SEK (the price of a normal bus ticket to Bålsta). Students interested in this possibility should register via email to
Details on meeting point will be advertised on this page later on.

Here is a general timetable of regular buses from Arlanda to Bålsta .
Search - From: Arlanda (later choose ARLANDA [Hållplatsgrupp]) -To: Bålsta (later choose BÅLSTA [Hållplatsgrupp] – be careful the default leads you to another town!) - Then choose the date and the time you wish to depart from Arlanda - On the right in the frame “means of transp." keep a tick only on “buses”.

>Sponsors ^

The School is sponsored by CERN, JINR and INTAS, the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Academy of Sciences.

> Enquiries and Correspondence ^

All enquiries and correspondence related to the School of Physics should be addressed to one of the Organizing Secretaries:
Danielle Métral
School of Physics
CH-1211 GENEVA 23
Tatyana Donskova
International Department
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
RU-141980 Dubna, Moscow Region
Tel:   +41 22 767 9141 Tel:   +7 09621 63448 
Fax:   +41 22 767 5460 Fax:   +7 09621 65599
E-mail: E-mail: