Date and Place
of the School
Lectures, Reading lists
Enquiries and
Information Bulletin 10 August

This bulletin may be updated until the start of the School.

> Date and Place of the School ^

The 2007 European School of High-Energy Physics will be held from August 19 to September 1, 2007 in Trest, Czech Republic. The lectures will be given in Hotel Zamecky, also known as the Trest Castle, which is a hotel that also provides conference facilities.
The hotel is situated close to the center of Trest.
(Address: 234 Doktora Richtra).Trest is located very close to midway between Prague and Vienna following the most direct road. See the red arrow in the middle right at the linked map.
An interactive map of Trest can be found at , and the Castle is indicated on the detailed map here and together with other places for accomodation at:

> Registration ^

The registration will take place from 6.00 p.m. on Sunday 19 August in the hotel lobby. The first meal will be dinner on Sunday evening. Departure will be after breakfast on Saturday 1 September.

> Scientific Programme ^

The School has the following courses:
The Highest Energy Cosmic Rays James Watson CRONIN, University of Chicago
From the Peas of Gregor Mendel to the Human Genome Vaclav PACES, President, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Field Theory and Standard Model Ronald KLEISS, IMAPP, Nijmegen
QCD James STIRLING, University of Durham
Flavour Physics and CP Violation Thomas MANNEL, University of Siegen
Introduction to Physics beyond the Standard Model John ILIOPOULOS, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris
Neutrino Physics Hitoshi MURAYAMA, University of California
Cosmology and Astrophysics Michael TURNER, University of Chicago
Heavy Ion Physics Urs WIEDEMANN, CERN
Getting prepared for Beams in the LHC Philippe LEBRUN, CERN
Final Preparations for the LHC Experiments Jos ENGELEN, CERN
Preparations for LHC at JINR Alexei SISSAKIAN, JINR

Detailed Programme

Poster Session
Students are encouraged to present their current research work in the form of a special poster session which is planned for Thursday, August 23.

Please note that for the School we will ONLY have a slow InkJet A4 printer for the daily office work, no other printer is available.

Computer Connections
There is a wireless access in some rooms. There will also be a computer room with a limited number of PCs which can be used during the free time.

> Lecturers, Reading Lists and Information on Participants ^

Information about the Lectures and Reading Lists are given in the document Lectures

Information on the participants including photos and email addresses is given in the PASSWORD PROTECTED document Participants

>Social Programme ^

A welcome drink will be served on Monday 20 August followed by dinner and a Concert of chamber music.
The traditional School “farewell banquet” on Friday 31 will be accompanied by live rock music. During the free afternoons (Wednesday 22 and Wednesday 29 August) excursions and visit of historical towns are planned to Trebic, a recent UNESCO World Heritage Site (2003), see Trebic
and Telc, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992, see Telc, and to Jaromerice nad Rokytnou and Znojmo, close to the Austrian border, see Jaromerice and Znojmo
A special dinner and wine tasting plus cymbalo music (listen) will take place in a wine cellar in Satov.

On Saturday 25 August there will be a one-day excursion to Prague with sightseeing and a guided tour through the town in addition to freetime and dinner.

> Travel ^

Students should normally arrange themselves to arrive at the Hotel for registration during the afternoon or evening of Sunday, August 19. (See below)
The closest international airport is Prague.

The exchange rates for the Czech Crown are correct at the airport and when using ATM machines (also available at Trest). In Trest square there are two small bank branches - Ceska Sporitelna and Komercni banka.
BE AWARE that in downtown Prague the rates in the "exchange huts" are generally bad, and worse, they are given as selling rates even if this is NOT stated on the announcements put up outside the huts.

Here is a link to transportation in Czech Republic where you will find a timetable of the regular buses from Prague to Trest. (price 135 CZK)

“School Bus”

You may like to benefit from the transportation the School will organize from Prague to Trest on Sunday 19 August.
We have arranged a meeting point at Masarykova kolej, address: Thakurova 1, 16000 Praha 6,- the place is easily accessible from the airport as well as from Prague main train station (see details about the location of Masarykova kolej  below).
There will be 2 buses organized during Sunday 19th August to bring people from Masarykova kolej to Trest.


We will charge you the same price as a regular bus ticket (money will be collected during the School). Price of a one way ticket will be 135 CZK or about 8 CHF.-
We will also organize a “school bus” from Trest to Prague on 1st September.
The bus will leave the Hotel just after breakfast. Thus, when possible, please look for a departure from Prague not in the early morning.

Meeting point at Masarykova kolej (50°6'2.95"N, 14°23'20.92"E)
(More details at for instance map_of_prague)

How to get there from the airport:
New Info:
Bus. Bus no. 119 operates between the terminal - Prague-Ruzyne Airport (Stop-Nové letiste) and the underground (subway, Metro) stop Dejvicka (along the street Evropska). Bus stops are located in front of the
Arrivals, Terminal Sever 1 (Terminal North 1) for non Shengen countries, and Terminal Sever 2 (Terminal North 2) for Schengen countries. The 119 runs every 10 - 30 minutes between the hours of 4:00 and 24:00. The trip takes about 30-40 minutes including waiting-time. Before you get on a bus, you have to buy a 20 CZK (Czech Crowns)  ticket, available from vending machines or newsagents. Masarykova kolej is within 300 m distance from the final stop of the bus 119 at the Dejvicka Metro Station.
N.B. Important: public transport ticket has to be validated in small yellow machines placed near the entrance of the underground or in the buses.
Minibus (provided by CEDAZ): The minibus service operates from the airport to the city centre. It is a shuttle transport and the terminus is in the city centre - Namesti republiky (Republic Square) at the CSA City Travel Centre near to the Renaissance and Marriot hotels. VW Transporter minibuses are for 6 persons. The price for one passenger is 90 CZK. You will take underground (Metro) line B to the stop Mustek, at Mustek you will change to the underground line A. You will get off at the underground stop Dejvicka. Before using underground transport, you have to buy a 20 CZK (Czech crowns) ticket, available from vending machines or newsagents.
Taxi. Taxi rank is located in front of the airport terminal. The taxi cars are marked "AIRPORT CARS" on their doors. Price to the city centre is around 500 - 700 CZK.

How to get there from the Main Railway Station (Hlavni nadrazi):
You will take underground (Metro) line C to the stop Muzeum, at Muzeum you will change to the underground line A. You will get off at the underground stop Dejvicka.
The underground operates between 5:00 - 24:00 every day. Before using underground transport, you have to buy a 20-crown ticket, available from vending machines or newsagents. The Masarykova kolej is within 5 minutes walk from Dejvicka stop.

For participants who wish to stay some extra days in Prague (on arrival or on departure) we will block some rooms at  Hotel Masarykova Kolej (hotel link)
We have negotiated the prices via AMCA (Academic and Medical Conference Agency).
If you are interested, see the special reservation form.

N.B. for information:
A GUIDED TOUR OF PRAGUE is included in the School Social Programme.
A full day excursion in Prague is planned on Saturday 25 August with short sightseeing with buses, guided walk through the town and a social evening with a buffet that will take place in the Mayor Residence.

>Sponsors ^

The School is sponsored by CERN, JINR, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, and Charles and Czech Technical Universities, Prague.

> Enquiries and Correspondence ^

All enquiries and correspondence related to the School of Physics should be addressed to one of the Organizing Secretaries:
Danielle Métral
School of Physics
CH-1211 GENEVA 23
Tatyana Donskova
International Department
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
RU-141980 Dubna, Moscow Region
Tel:   +41 22 767 9141 Tel:   +7 09621 63448 
Fax:   +41 22 767 5460 Fax:   +7 09621 65599
E-mail: E-mail: