The 2007 European School of High-Energy Physics

Date and Place
of the School
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Trest, Czech Republic
19 August – 1 September 2007

Monumental buildings and beautiful nature

The 2007 European School of High-Energy Physics (formerly the CERN-JINR School of Physics) will be jointly organized by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, Russia, and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva, Switzerland together with the Academy of Sciences, and Charles University, Prague.

The European School of High  Energy Physics  is targetted particularly at students in experimental HEP who are in the final years of work towards their PhDs. Other schools, such as the CERN-FNAL Hadron Collider Physics School [ ], may provide more appropriate training for young postdocs in experimental HEP, PhD students who have already attended the European school, and  senior PhD students in HEP phenomenology.
Preference will be given to students who have connections with CERN and JINR member states either because of their nationality, or because of their institutional affiliation, or because they are involved in an experimental programme at a laboratory located in one of the member states.

The Schools of Physics are designed to give a survey of up-to-date information, rather than to be a training course. An outline of each of the lecture courses and reading lists will be published on the web. It should be noticed that some pre-knowledge of the subjects is necessary in order to be able to profit fully from the lecture courses.

School Poster in jpg format (0.5 MB): Poster1, and in pdf format (1.3 MB): Poster2

> Date and Place of the School ^

The 15-th European School of High-Energy Physics will be held from August 19 to September 1, 2007 in Trest, Czech Republic.
Trest is located very close to midway between Prague and Vienna following the most direct road. See the red arrow in the middle right at the linked map

The following links could also be consulted: and

Trest is the second biggest centre in the Vysocina Region, also knows as the Jihlava region, located in the south-eastern part of the historical region of Bohemia and partly in the south-west of the historical region of Moravia. The original village was established at the end of the 12th Century on the left bank of the small river Trestice. The lectures will be given in the Trest Chateau Hotel, Hotel Zamecky.

The Trest castle as from the school poster

This Renaissance Castle was built in the 16th century of the right bank of the river Trestice.
The town, at an altitude of 584 meters, has a rich cultural and sports base. The Hotel is located in a calm environment surrounded by the hills of the Czech-Moravian Heights. This province is knows as one of the clearest fresh air area in the Czech Republic.

 The weather in August is usually sunny with dominant wind coming from the West and the average temperature is around 16ºC.

> Accommodation ^

Hotel Zamecky welcome the School participants at:

The hotel is situated close to the center of Trest, and the entire hotel is reserved for the School’s students, faculty and staff. Students will share double rooms with bathroom. The lecture hall and the rooms for the discussion sessions are also situated in the hotel, which will be equipped with computing and electronic communication facilities. All the meals will be served in the large dining room of the Hotel.

> Scientific Programme ^

The preliminary scientific programme is as follows (Draft Programme):

The Highest Energy Cosmic Rays James Watson CRONIN, University of Chicago
From the Peas of Gregor Mendel to the Human Genome Vaclav PACES, President, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Field Theory and Standard Model Ronald KLEISS, University of Nijmegen
QCD James STIRLING, University of Durham
Flavour Physics and CP Violation Thomas MANNEL, University of Siegen
Introduction to Physics beyond the Standard Model John ILIOPOULOS, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris
Neutrino Physics Hitoshi MURAYAMA, University of California
Cosmology and Astrophysics Michael TURNER, University of Chicago
Heavy Ion Physics Urs WIEDEMANN, CERN
Getting prepared for Beams in the LHC Philippe LEBRUN, CERN
Final Preparations for the LHC Experiments Jos ENGELEN, CERN
Preparations for LHC at JINR Alexei SISSAKIAN, JINR

Draft Programme

There will be thirty four lectures in all, each lasting about 75 minutes, with additional time for questions and discussion.

 Students will be encouraged to present their current research work in the form of a special poster session that is planned for Thursday August 23.


> Discussion Sessions ^

Discussion sessions, which are intended to clarify points that may be obscure from the lectures, will be held most afternoons and will last about 75 minutes.

The discussion sessions will be led by:

Tomas Brauner Prague
Helmut Eberl HEPHY, Vienna
Michal Malinsky University  of Southampton
John Swain Northeastern University
Oleg Teryaev JINR, Dubna
Alexander Kupco Prague


> Social Programme ^
A welcome drink will be served on Monday 20 August accompanied by a Concert of chamber music.
The traditional School “farewell banquet” on Friday 31 will be accompanied by live rock music. During the free afternoons (Wednesday 22  and Wednesday 29 August) excursions and visit of historical towns are planned to Trebic, a recent UNESCO World Heritage Site (2003), see:
and Telc, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992, see:, and to Jaromerice nad Rokytnou and Znojmo, close to the Austrian border, see:  &  and
A special dinner and wine tasting plus cymbalo music will take place in a wine cellar in Satov.

On Saturday 25 August there will be a one-day excursion to Prague with sightseeing and a guided tour through the town in addition to freetime and dinner.

> Language ^

The working language of the School will be English. Participants should therefore have a good understanding of English to enable them to benefit from the School.

> Proceedings ^

The School Proceedings will be published as a CERN Yellow Report in 2007. Each participant will receive one copy free of charge. Proceedings from earlier European schools are available at: 2004, 2003, 2002 , 2001 , 2000 and 1999, and from earlier Latin American schools at: 2003LA and 2001LA .

> Travel ^

Students should arrange to arrive in Trest for registration during the afternoon or evening of Sunday, August 19. The school will end on the morning of Saturday, September 1, after breakfast.
Buses will be organized for the trip from Prague to Trest on Sunday 19 August.  Details about the meeting point in Prague will be given in the next bulletin. 

A Map of the Czech Republic can be found at:
and Trest is located close to Jihlava where the road to Vienna leaves the main road between Prague and Bratislava. Trest is 120 km away from Prague and roughly the same distance from Vienna, Austria.

> Cost ^

The cost of the School will be around 1650 Swiss Francs per student, and will cover tuition, board and lodging from dinner on Sunday August 19 to breakfast on Saturday September 1, 2007, as well as coffee, tea or cold drinks during the morning and afternoon breaks and some social activities. It does not include travel expenses from participants' home institutes to Trest and back.

For participants from JINR and CIS there are special arrangements for paying the School Fee and for travel. For further information, please contact the JINR Organizing Secretary, Mrs. T.S. Donskova (see Enquires and Correspondence below).

Details concerning the method of payment of the Fee will be sent together with the acceptance letters

> Participation ^

The School is open to young physicists, preparing a PhD or equivalent in high-energy physics, with at least one year's experience working as experimentalists or phenomenologists. Personal contacts and informal discussions among the participants during leisure time are an important aspect of the School. For this reason, participants are asked to note that they should not be accompanied by family members or friends.

> Application ^

Applications to attend the School should include:

For the Application Form remember to fill in ALL fields: use "N/A" when "Not Applicable".


The application form for the 2007 European School of High Energy Physics should be completed and sent as soon as possible. A 100-word summary of your current work should be sent by completing the appropriate section in the Web application form.

NOTE: In order to coordinate the selection of students with the CERN Fermilab School, the application deadline for the European School has been postponed until 31 March, 2007.

The submission of the completed application form must be accompanied in parallel by a letter of reference and ranking from the student's professor or supervisor (signed and dated hard copy with letterhead of referee's institution – or a PDF copy sent as an attachment to an email by the supervisor). Applications without a reference letter will not be considered. The professor or supervisor's name and the date of the reference letter should be indicated in the appropriate boxes on the Web application form; and the letter should be sent to Danielle Métral, the CERN Organizing Secretary (see Enquiries and Correspondence below).

Students who wish to apply but who do not have a suitable browser for the Web application form should request a hard copy of the form from one of the Organizing Secretaries (see Enquiries and Correspondence), stating clearly their name and postal address. Their 100-word summary of current work should be sent by electronic mail to the CERN Organizing Secretary.

Candidates should ensure that their application, letter of reference and 100-word summary reach the CERN Organizing Secretary by March 31, 2007.

The selection of the students will be made by the International Organizing Committee together with the local director, and all applicants will be informed by the end of April 2007 whether or not they have been selected.

> Organizing Committee ^

International Committee:
T. Donskova (JINR, Dubna) School Secretary
N. Ellis (CERN)
R. Fleischer (CERN)
E. Lillestol (CERN and University of Bergen) CERN Schools Director
R. Mach (Academy of Sciences, Prague)
D. Métral (CERN) School Administrator
J. Niederle (Academy of Sciences, Prague)
A. Olchevsky (JINR, Dubna)

Local Committee:

J. Cvach (Academy of Sciences, Prague)
J. Dolejsi (Charles University, Prague)
J. Hosek (Academy of Sciences, Prague) local Co-Director
R. Leitner (Charles University, Prague) local Co-Director
M. Lokajicek (Academy of Sciences, Prague)
M. Pachr (Czech Technical University, Prague)
V. Petracek (Czech Technical University, Prague)

International Advisors:

A. Sissakian (JINR, Dubna, Russia)
A. Skrinsky (BINP, Novosibirsk, Russia)
N. Tyurin (IHEP, Protvino, Russia)
I. Wilhelm (Charles University, Prague)

> Enquiries and Correspondence ^

All enquiries and correspondence related to the School of Physics should be addressed to one of the Organizing Secretaries:

Tatyana Donskova
International Department
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
RU-141980 Dubna, Moscow Region
Danielle Métral
Schools of Physics
CH-1211 GENEVA 23
Tel: + 7 496 21 63448 Tel: + 41 22 767 9141
Fax: + 7 496 21 65891 Fax: + 41 22 767 5460
E-mail: E-mail: