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of the School
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The 2009 European School of
High-Energy Physics

Bautzen, Germany
14 June – 27 June 2009

Information Bulletin

This bulletin will be updated until the start of the School

LAST UPDATE: 10 June (Travel)


Date and Place of the School ^

The 17-th European School of High-Energy Physics will be held from 14 to 27 June, 2009 in Bautzen. The lectures and discussion sessions will all take place in the Spree Hotel, using the hotel's conference facilities.

Spree Hotel

The hotel is located 4 km outside the historical center of Bautzen on the banks of the lake Stausee which is flushed through by the River Spree. The lake is also known as the Bautzen reservoir, and it is one of the best-studied river-lake systems worldwide. The almost 1000 year-old Bautzen town is situated 80 km north-east from Dresden, Saxony.
Bautzen is often regarded as the unofficial, but historical capital of Upper Lusatia a historical region between the Bóbr and Kwisa rivers and the Elbe river in the eastern German states of Saxony and Brandenburg, south-western Poland and the northern Czech Republic. It is the most important cultural center of the Sorbs, a Slavic minority.

> Registration ^

The registration will take place from 6.00 p.m. on Sunday 14 June in the hotel lobby. The first meal will be dinner on Sunday evening. Departure will be after breakfast on Saturday 27 June.
Scientific Programme ^

The scientific programme is as follows (time table):
Field Theory and Standard Model Wolfgang Hollik, MPP, Munich
QCD Gavin Salam, LPTHE, Paris
Flavour Physics and CP Violation Yuval Grossman, Cornell University
Effective Field Theories with Applications Martin Beneke, RWTH Aachen University
Beyond the Standard Model Joseph Lykken, Fermilab
Neutrino Physics Manfred Lindner, MPI, Heidelberg
Cosmology for Particle Physicists Keith Olive, University of Minnesota
Quark Gluon Plasma: past, present, future G.M. Zinovjev, BITP, Kiev
High-Energy Cosmic and Gamma Rays Masahiro Teshima, MPP, Munich
Statistical Techniques for HEP Data Analysis Glen Cowan, Royal Holloway, Univ. of London
From CERN Rolf Heuer, CERN DG
From JINR Alexei Sissakian, JINR DG

Poster Session
Students are encouraged to present their current research work in the form of a special poster session which is planned for Thursday 18 June. These posters should, if possible, be prepared before arriving at the School.
Please note that for the School we will ONLY have a slow InkJet A4 printer for the daily office work, and no other printer is available.

Computer Connections
There will be free wireless connection in the hotel. However, it should be noted that the band width as well as the total (two weeks) accumulated data transfer is limited, so large file transfers should be avoided.

> Lecturers, Reading Lists and Information on Participants ^

The Lectures and Reading Lists are given in the document Lectures

Information on the participants including photos and email addresses is given in the PASSWORD PROTECTED document Participants

>Social Programme ^

Hotel: room towels are provided, but please take a towel for swimming in the Bautzen Lake.

A welcome drink will is offered on Monday 15 June and a farewell banquet on Friday 26 June.
On Saturday 20 June there will be a one-day excursion.
Also during the free afternoons (Wednesday 17 and Wednesday 24) excursions are planned.
More details will be advertised later on

> Travel ^

School Secretariat Mobile Phone from Sunday 14 June: +41 76 487 59 43. Please inform about any important delays.

“School Bus”

BUS 1:  departure from Berlin-Schoenefeld at 14:30 SHARP
The bus will stop at Dresden airport at approx. 16:45

BUS 2:  departure from Berlin-Schoenefeld at 18:45 SHARP
The bus will stop at Dresden airport at approx. 20:55

Please note that this transportation is not free. We will charge your seat and ask for the payment during the School. Price will not be more than a public transport ticket.

Where to find the "school bus":
Berlin - Schoenefeld: Coach parking in front of the main entrance. Coach company: Kretschmar Reisen -
Dresden stop: outside the main entrance
If you miss the bus, you will have to make your own way to Bautzen. See train time table (link below).
If you do not see the Spree Hotel minibus on arrival at Bautzen train station, please call the Hotel,
tel. + 49 (0) 35 91 21 300

Travelling in Germany by train.
Free shuttle transportation from Bautzen train station to the Spree Hotel will be organized on Sunday 14 June in the afternoon from 5.00 to 9.00 p.m.
If you do not see the Spree Hotel minibus on arrival at Bautzen train station, please call the Hotel
Telephone number of Spree Hotel: + 49 (0) 35 91 21 300

Going to Spree Hotel Bautzen by car (location of the hotel).

Students organizing their own travel, should arrive at the Hotel for registration during the afternoon or evening of Sunday, June 14.

Enquiries and Correspondence ^

All enquiries and correspondence related to the School of Physics should be addressed to one of the Organizing Secretaries:

Danielle Métral
Schools of Physics
CH-1211 GENEVA 23
Tatyana Donskova
International Department
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
RU-141980 Dubna, Moscow Region
Tel:   +41 22 767 9141 Tel:   +7 49621 63448 
Fax:   +41 22 767 5460 Fax:   +7 49621 65599
E-mail: E-mail: